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🌿This is a STL File for 3D printing, You are not buying a physical model🌿  

            ++You will need a 3D printer and slicing software to use this file.++ 

            Pls take a moment to read all the information prior to purchasing 


Once the 3D STL File of 1/4 Slim MSD BJD Mannequin is printed it's ideal for displaying your favorite outfit or used to draft patterns without fear of scratching or staining your dolls.   


Purchase of this 3D file grants a license for personal use. You may not give away, redistribute or resell the file(s), or prints based on model, in any way shape or form. Personal use includes; use as a dress form and/or model to make and display clothing or doll accessories.


Included in the ZIP file:    

1 Short Stand    

1 Tall Stand    

1 Torso with small bust    

1 Torso with medium bust    

1 Torso with Large bust    





Height = 14cm (5.5in) 

Neck Circumference = 6.5cm (2.5in)    

Shoulder Width =8.7cm(3.4in)    

Waist Circumference = 12cm(4.7in)    

Hips Circumference = 18cm(7in)    

Bust: Small bust =15cm(5.9in)    

            Medium bust =16cm(6.2in)    

            Large bust = 17cm(6.6in)    


Height:    Short base = 19cm (7.4in)   

                   Tall base = 23cm (9in)  

Width at widest point = 8.8cm (3.5in)


Once Printed and fully assembled from bottom of base to top of shoulder Height for Short base = 27cm (10.6in) and Tall base = 32.5cm (12.8in)    


Please note:  

  • Mannequin and base designed to print on FDM printer.
  • Mannequin consists of 2 parts, a base and a torso.  
  • Those with a smaller printer volume than ender3 (220 x 220 x 250mm) may need to modify STL to fit. Tall base is 227.9mm tall and needs printer with build height to accommodate.
  • The Torso is designed to be loose on the base for easy clothes change. If you want a more snug fit a little bit of masking tape on the peg is recommended. If you want to glue the torso and base small glob hot glue from a low temp glue gun is recommended.    
  • Depending on the printer, supports may not be needed (example printed on Ender 3 with 0.2mm layer height and 15% infill).  Supports are not necessary, but using some could help to avoid little imperfections mainly under the busts. 
  • Due to the electronic nature of this file, all sales are final. 


STL File for 1/4 Slim MSD BJD Mannequin

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