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Frequently Asked Questions

How do pre-orders work?

Dolls are sold prior to production during a defined period, and put into production as soon as the end date is reached. After a processing and fabrication time at the casting company of 3 months to 4 months the order is shipped to me and i pack the dolls to be mailed to there new homes. 

How much does the BJD Onedat cost?

Onedat is 450$ USD plus shipping.

How to pay For my order?
Payment can be done exclusively by Paypal (with an account or directly via credit card).

Is there Layaway?

2 and 3 moth Layaway will be available.

How does the Layaway work?

Fist payment plus shipping is due at time of purchase and is not refundable. i will invoice you for the second payment one month after your first payment. if 3 month layaway purchased i will send an invoice for the last payment 1 month after the 2ed payment.

If for any reason you need a different date or split the next payment into smaller amounts add a note to seller in the shopping cart before clicking the Paypal button and we can work out a different date or payment plan for the second and third payment. you can also e-mail me any time between when purchase the 2 or 3 month between payments if you need to make changes.

pleas keep in mind when ordering Layaway the Fist payment is non-refundable.