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- One 10mm eye textured pupil
- One 10mm eye smooth pupil
- 1 read me file

*to keep file small there is one of each eye you will need to import 2 in your slicing program of choice to get a pair*

By purchasing this .STL you accept the terms below:
- If you do not have a printer you can get someone to print them for you.
- You will not Share/Sell/Redistribute the .STL.
- You CAN Sell painted and finished 3D prints of 6mm eyes
- You can make molds from print for personal use only
- You CANNOT sell blank eyes
- You CANNOT sell molds made from 3D prints
- You CAN Share and post what you make without crediting me, but I would prefer you to credit if you can! (So I can see.)

(Please do not sell/share or redistribute my model or edits of my model on STL sharing websites.)

10mm doll eye base

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