Pre-order#2 for resin cast doll start Feb 20 2022

please take your time and read all information and double check options before ordering as payments are non-refundable. this is only for the body head is NOT included

Girl Body

normal hands

fist hands

hand peg to change cloths

flat feet

High heel feet

2 FDM 3D printed Neck donuts

certificate of authenticity

Sprite and Felix stands 40.3 CM. they have 23 points of articulation. she uses size 14mm eyes and can wear size 7 wigs. fits most slim MSD clothes. Body also fits fairyland minifee heads.

Human and both elf ears are strung with elastic and changed and posed!!!! cat ears are magnetic.

-Colour sample might look a little different in person depending on your monitor settings.

-body dose fit fairyland minifee heads with use of neck donut.

-neck donuts are only available in light colours. incuding 2 as alway good to have a spare
-Pre-order dolls, take between 5 and 6 months to arrive. Please note: Packages may be retained at Customs in country of destination and may extend wait time as Retention time as Customs is not included on the estimated shipping times.

☆☆ pls note shipping to be calculated and paid when doll ready to ship to you as unable to get accurate cost for shipping until I can weigh finished resin cast doll. Pls note shipping will also be less than assembled doll as will be in a smaller box☆☆

Contact me at for any questions. Thank you very much :)Peachdaydreams


Body Pre-order - full Payment option