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๐ŸŒฟ Pls take a moment to read all the information prior to purchasing ๐ŸŒฟ 

**this is a kit part come not sanded and not assembled**     


3D printed resin Wings are a magnetic attachment for dolls. the heart shaped pack has a slight concave curve on the inside to help fit to as many dolls as possible and a lovely feather texture on the top.  for Dolls like rainbow high stand might cause wings to be too high on the back for the magnets but for display the heart pack dose fit between the doll and stand well. 


This is a 3D printed item. The process involves printing each layer one at a time to create the 3D shape, which gives the parts made this way a distinct "3d printed" texture, you can paint, draw or sand the wings. you can also use sealants like Mr super clear like a normal resin doll.    


 Kit includes:  

- 1 set of wings (not sanded)  

- White Elastics to string 

- 4magnets 

- Instructions to assemble wings 

- Certificate of authenticity 

- 1 White buffing block

- 1 fin grit sanding paper



** Please Note **    

  • Colors may vary according to your screen settings 

  • 3D printed white resin is not pure white. 

  • Due to the nature of 3D printing, there may be slight imperfections 

  • 3D printed resin is a bit more fragile than cast resin. 

  • White dust accumulating in the joints due to friction is normal for 3D printed resin and can be cleaned with a damp cloth when needed 

  • To wash, cool water and dish soap is recommended. 

  • FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY. Not to be copied/ reproduced to sell, or claimed as your own. 



This item is 3D Printing is an additive manufacturing process by which each layer is printed one at a time, which gives the parts made with it a distinct "3d printed" texture, and is safe to be gently sanded and painted.    


Doll Magnetic wings 3D printed resin garage kit

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